Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have what we call "PB"

So I've had some of what we like to call Pregnancy Brain, or PB for short. Two melt downs in one week. Poor Richard!

Melt Down #1
Richard and Ty installed the car seat in our Acura. At home, I decided to test it out to make sure everything was OK. I tried to take the car seat out of the car, but it seemed to be stuck. On top of that, in order to pull the release button, my hand was pinched between the car seat and the back of the passenger side seat. Once I was able to release the seat from it's base, I couldn't get it out the car door without tilting it, which made my back hurt. So then I tried to put it back in the base. Apparently I couldn't figure out the right orientation, because it wasn't clicking into place. I went through a few rounds of this, then got frustrated. I promptly went upstairs to our bedroom, collapsed on the bed and cried. Of course I felt silly for crying, but I couldn't help it! I wanted everything to work out and this apparently wasn't going to work out.

Melt Down #2
In order to carry an infant in a stroller, you need to keep them in their car seat and use a car seat adapter to attach it to the stroller. I guess I registered for the wrong adapter, because the parts just didn't match up when I tried to install it on our stroller. OK, no big deal. I can just order the correct part and return the wrong part. When the second adapter came in, I could tell as soon as I opened the box that it was the exact same as the first one. Ugh! This is when my second meltdown happened. No crying this time, but I needed lots of Richard hugs to make me feel better. So I ordered yet another part from a different website, thinking this new website wouldn't be so misleading. Today the third part came in, and I prayed over it before opening. I prayed that God would help me to receive the correct part and that I wouldn't get frustrated anymore. Then I opened the box and... well, just take a look at them all side by side.

They all look the same, right? I'm not crazy?!?! OK, well at least I wasn't frustrated. I can thank God for helping me stay away from melt down #3. So I decided to open the third box to see what was inside. I realized it actually WAS different. It was, in fact, the correct part. I then went back and looked at the second box, and it too was the correct part. Go figure! OK, God, you took care of me after all. Thank you!

The car seat ended up working just fine when we pushed up the passenger seat a little more. So I'm feeling much better :-)