Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer Reading At The Library

I didn't know our library had rewards for the kid's reading during the summer until the summer was almost over. We had gone to the library often throughout the summer. Each time we got so many books I promised myself I wouldn't get so many the next time, only to be followed by the same number of books and the same promise the following visit. The library was rewarding kids with a coupon booklet and a paper with their name on it posted on the library wall for reading 15 books. Since there is no age limit, and being read to counts, it was easy as apple pie!

Gabriel and Hope each got their names posted on the wall. We have since been back a couple times, and the names are still there. Gabriel is quite proud, and Hope, errr..., well she just wants to grab my phone when I try to take her picture.

Friday, September 13, 2013

July Visit to California

This is how Hope and I roll when we travel. I carry her in my baby carrier and she stares up at me the whole time. She loves me. I love her. We are in love. :)

In July, we were able to visit our friends in California. Hard to believe it's been over a year! Tim and Marlene let us stay at the "Pitchford Suites", and let me tell ya, best place ever to stay! I highly recommend them. It's pretty exclusive though. Ya gotta know someone to book a stay.

Tim and Gabriel watch a LOT of Veggie Tales. Despite Tim's efforts, Gabriel still claims his best friend is "Maween!" Sorry, Tim. Maybe he'll change his mind on the next trip.
But that's about all the time we spent indoors. We were too busy checking out beaches and new cupcake stores. Marlene took us to The Grove in Los Angeles. Gabriel had a blast riding the trolly and eating some chocolate.

We even saw Mario Lopez filming Extra. Some of you may know him as AC Slater :)

The Beach!

Oh, and then we did some shopping, of course! The boys loved this part ;)

Tio Tim got Gabriel a balloon shaped like a fish on a pole. It got popped shortly after. Then there was crying. Then Tio Tim dished out another dollar for another balloon :)

More beach!

One of the many cupcake places we went to.

Then we also got to spend some time with some more friends, including the newest addition to the Speedie family. Here I am with Liam and his little sister, Naomi. I wish we lived closer so Liam and Gabriel could play together. They are so similar, and Gabriel still talks about Liam.

Since our trip, the two things that stick out most to Gabriel are memories of playing Liam, and his best friend, "Maween".