Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hershey and Lancaster

Our family took a long weekend to drive up to Hershey, Pennsylvania and then to Lancaster, which is where the largest Amish community in the US is. At Hershey we did several things, one of which was a chocolate tasting class. Gabriel was proud of his certificate of completion.

In Lancaster, we learned about the Amish, their history, and why they do the things they do (or don't do). We found them to be a very friendly group of people. At the one-room schoolhouse we learned they still teach the students German. Gabriel appreciated having a desk that he was almost big enough for. His desk is in the front of the room, and they get bigger as you move to the back of the room. Richard and Gabriel enjoyed ringing to school bell, too.

We had lunch near the train museum, at a restaurant located inside an old train car. Although the food was horrible, the ambiance was neat. Gabriel enjoyed taking pictures of me while we waited for our food.

We went for a buggy ride with our Amish driver, Sam. Hope slept most of the time as I carried her in front of me. The tan fabric is hiding her head.

We stopped at Kitchen Kettle Village. It's a popular tourist destination, where the main attraction is the amazing array of canned goods prepared by Amish women. Something I thought interesting was that they worked in a building that used electricity, although they don't believe in that typically. Hmmm... And we all know they don't believe in the use of motor vehicles. However, we learned they have no problem riding in one as long as someone else is driving. Very interesting... and confusing. At Kitchen Kettle Village, I picked up some picked beets, which were being prepared that day. Gabriel rode a pony and was "all done" after two laps around the stall.

We decorated a gingerbread man.

 ... and quickly ate him.

We also had plenty of pool time at the hotel. Gabriel is learning to blow bubbles, kick his feet and jump off the edge into our arms. He loves the water!

Our trip was relaxing and fun. We purposely didn't plan too many activities, because we wanted to take our time and enjoy everything. I would say it was a successful family trip!