Friday, November 30, 2012

Pregnancy With Hope

This picture of me was taken on Thanksgiving day, when I was 32 weeks pregnant.

My pregnancy with Hope has been much different than my pregnancy with Gabriel. Hope moves around constantly, but Gabriel hardly moved at all. I even went to the hospital once when I couldn't feel him move for a long time. I also have more aches and pains with Hope. As I write this, I am 33 weeks pregnant and I often feel just as tired as I did during the first trimester. I am sure some of the differences are because I am taking care of a 30 pound toddler all day.

Hope's due date is January 13, but I keep thinking she'll come earlier than that. Although, I want her to be born far enough away from the holidays that she can celebrate her birthday separately. So I am thinking January 5 might be a good day, if I was able to pick it.

Only seven weeks to go! Or less :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pursley Family Visit

We recently got to spend a week with our family who came to visit the DC area, and we had a blast!

Our first destination was to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown. First off, I was amazed at how much I didn't know. Or maybe I shouldn't be too surprised at my poor education. After all, I remember watching movies all semester in History class, instead of learning about the Revolutionary War. So I was soaking in all the information I could. And I am slightly mad that Disney's Pocahontas movie is so obviously wrong in their portrayal of Pocahontas's relationship with John Rolfe. I bet every little kid will forever think that Pocahontas actually married John Smith and they both lived happily ever after. Ummm, no! Wrong guy first off. She married John Rolfe, not John Smith, AND she died within one year of traveling back to England. Sad, but true. But I digress.

Michael, Ella and Evan. Ella loves horses, so we always stopped to pet them.

The Pursley family standing in front of the Governors mansion in Williamsburg. Ella, Holly, Michael and Evan making the funny face.

And the Sanders family.

Watch out! Evan is about to steal one of the governors swords!

Cousinly love. I can't even tell you how many times we heard Ella say "He's sooooo cute!".

Richard and Ella had fun pretending to be soldiers at the Jamestown Settlement.

And here we are aboard one of the ships.

A pumpkin picking we will go...


We also went to Mount Vernon, which was George Washington's estate. Did you know that George Washington loved farming? In fact, he may have told you he was a farmer before he mentioned anything about being a soldier or the president. And he was really smart too! He would experiment with different fertilizers to see what was best, and he even set up a crop rotation for his land. I am pretty sure there weren't many farmers that were that advanced with their farming strategy at that time. Here I am with Gabriel on the top deck of a small cruise boat that took us around the water surrounding Washington's land. It was a beautiful view!

Gabriel became quite attached to his older cousin, Evan. He would hug him, hold his hand and tackle him. Evan didn't seem too thrilled to have such a close shadow, but he was a good sport about it.

Gabriel loved having his cousins in the house to play with. We all had so much fun watching them, too.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gabriel at 21 months

I know 21 months isn't a big milestone, but I feel like Gabriel is changing so much I want to write about him before he changes again and I've missed it.

First off, he's still cute as a button. He hasn't lost his chubby cheeks or big belly. Some family who recently visited have nick named him "chubby monkey". Here he is sporting Bronco colors (mommy's favorite team). When asked to smile, he now squints his eyes like this.

Playing with "Teddy" and while wearing nothing but a toy hard hat and a diaper.

Gabriel likes to organize things just like his dada. One day he picked up all his toys by himself and organized them as shown in this picture. I love that he put the panda sitting in the teddy bear's lap.

He also likes to line things up. Here he is putting all his board books in a row. He separated the hardback books into a separate pile.

He is also learning letters. Well, I should clarify that he is learning what a letter is. Whenever he sees a word on a t-shirt, toy or anywhere else he points and starts saying whatever letter comes to mind. So you may hear him say something like "P...B...O...L...L...P!" He also loves his choo choo train made of letters that his Aunt D made for him. I took a picture of how he thought his name was spelled.

Gabriel loves his daddy. He plays a game when Richard is in another part of the house. Gabriel will yell "DADA!", and wait until Richard says "yes, sir?". Then they will repeat themselves until Gabriel gets distracted or Richard comes into the same room.

We are also trying to teach him to say "I love you" or "I love mommy", etc. But each time he fills the last part in with "DADA!". When I try to get him to say "mommy" or "you" he just giggles and says "dada" over and over again.

Gabriel is a big helper when Richard is getting ready in the morning. He helps him put on his belt and points to his tie and says "tie!". Just in case Richard were to forget what it's called, it's good to have Gabriel there to remind him. Gabriel also likes to pretend to shave his face and put deodorant on. He loves wearing Richard's Cubs hat.

But don't feel bad for me. Gabriel loves his mommy too. I'm so glad he loves to snuggle and kiss and much as I do.

And here he is pretending  to drink coffee from my empty Starbucks cup.

We love our little boy so much. Even though I still call him my baby, he is definitely a toddler and is learning a lot every day.