Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hope is Walking! (Finally!)

16.5 months is officially how long it took her to walk. I was very eager for her to get going by the end, because I was tired of bending over to hold her hand wherever we went. Here is my home-made movie of her walking. It's the first time I've even done a movie before, so don't have high expectations.

In other updates, Hope is also finally starting to enjoy reading. She used to sit for short periods of time to listen to a book, but only if she was the only child on your lap. If big brother was around, forget it. Now, she pulls books off the shelf and brings them to me saying "weeeeed it!" (read it!).

One of my favorite new things is playing with Hope before I get her up in the morning. When I walk in the room, she pretends to be asleep. So I tickle her and she giggles. We go on playing as she's rolling around the crib and giggling. It's so cute!